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If you are the victim of someone else’s negligent driving and suffer injuries for which you require medical treatment, the cost of that treatment is undoubtedly something that will weigh heavily on your mind. One way to handle these costs, however, may be through what is called medical payments coverage or med pay.

Your automobile insurance can be confusing. For many people, they purchase insurance, pay their premiums, and never look at their policy or what benefits are included in their policy. One of those benefits, oftentimes, is called medical payments coverage.

The purpose of medical payments coverage is to pay for your or your passengers’ medical expenses related to injuries sustained in an automobile crash up to the amount contained in your policy. Oftentimes, that amount is $5,000.00 and can be used to cover anything from doctor visits, hospital visits, surgery bills, ambulance bills, or health insurance deductibles. Even if you were at-fault for the crash, you can still use your medical payments coverage to pay for any treatment needed as a result of the crash.

For individuals without insurance or who have insurance, but have not met their deductible/maximum out-of-pocket, medical payments coverage is an important benefit. It is an excellent tool that you can utilize to get your medical bills paid and to stay out of collections.

At Withered Burns, LLP, we are experienced personal injury attorneys who can assist you in maximizing your medical payments coverage to cover your needed treatment. At the end of your case, when we are discussing settlement, we will then negotiate with the auto insurance company that provided you with medical payments coverage in order to ensure that they receive as little as possible from your settlement. We look forward to working with you.

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